Meet the team that will work with your account

We tell you in detail about our service and its benefits for each of our clients. We will discuss the terms with you and begin preparing for the transfer of your account.

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Acceptance of offer and transfer of account

It is important for us that you are aware of all our conditions, and that we can work comfortably and profitably on your account. The process of transferring an account with the data we need will take about 3-5 hours, after which you will move to the next stage - signing an agreement and receiving payment.

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Meeting your personal manager, signing an agreement and receiving payment

Immediately after the account transfer process, we sign an agreement with you, which fully describes our conditions with you, the actions that we can perform on the account and the monthly amount of remuneration that you will receive for the entire period of the agreement.

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You receive regular payments for your account and reports

Our managers transfer the account to work, and you receive your payment. Payment is made in several formats: one-time for the entire rental period, every 2 weeks or every month in installments. As you wish.

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