Job description

BetGenius is a world-famous company that specializes in the development and popularization of the betting industry, consulting in the field of sports analytics. We not only develop, but also promote our own product.

We are looking for a candidate for the position of "Senior Fork specialist" who will be able to implement the company's strategy and add his knowledge and expertise to the department, which is fundamental and one of the most important in the entire structure of the company.

Job responsibilities

  1. Analysis of various bookmakers for vulnerabilities and backdoors;
  2. Search for bookmaker arbs, the ability to identify and use the difference in bookmaker lines and change odds in one’s favor;
  3. Analytics of bets made on your account before and after.


  1. Understanding the work of a bookmaker as an industry and the peculiarities of the bookmaker’s line;
  2. Experience in practical betting / analytics / value betting is required;
  3. Understanding of Google Workspace, ability to work in google sheets;
  4. Knowledge of anti-detect browsers, VPN, proxies and others.

Other benefits

  1. Corporate kitchen in the office and coffee breaks;
  2. Regular team rest;
  3. Individual work and development plan;
  4. Regular salary reviews and career growth.

Part Time

13:00 am - 21:00 pm


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